Hello, what’s this?

This tool is optimized for managing, programming and automating machines, services and apps or just loose parts of code snippets.

It can be used for automation, education or just prototyping.

IDE deploys your scripts to the most systems: OSX, Windows, Linux, Raspberry-PI, ARM-6+

It supports HTTP, TCP, UDP,  Serial,  MQTT,  SSH,  Arduino/Raspberry-PI (Firmata/Johnny Five), HTTP, Custom API and simplifies its use with a visual block language.


How does it work?


Last updated: March 17, 2017 at 12:30 pm


Connectivity & Deployment

Supported Built-ins:

  • HTTP
  • TCP / UDP
  • Serial
  • MQTT
  • SSH
  • Arduino / Raspberry-PI / over Firmata and Johnny Five
  • Custom API

Supported Deployment Targets: OSX, Windows, Linux, Raspberry-PI, ARM-6+

Under the hood

The device controller it self is an executable and Nodes-JS based application, taking a folder with your scripts created by the IDE. It also includes pre-compiled native Node-JS modules. As alternative you can embed it in your Node-JS application as module also.