SSH – Driver added

Tired of remembering your build – commands or typing in a terminal in general?

This post will introduce you to the new “SSH” driver for Control-Freak. Since it’s a regular driver, commands will represent your scripts and its enables you to split larger amounts of scripts in a very manageable way:

The scenario: when dealing with large projects, it’s hard to remember all required scripts or worst, the names of sub-tasks. To get over this very time-consuming work of finding and manage them, I added the SSH-Driver, I tested it on a large project and tuned it over and over. Lets have a look at the highlights:


The variables become very handy to substitute your paths. That’s way more readable than in your build-scripts

You do of course have access to that variables but also to all commands from the driver’s console:


Since scripts are nothing more than blocks you nest and arrange or disable sub-tasks as you like! Finally, managing & configuring builds becomes a piece of cake. You can also simply extend tasks with log or desktop-notification blocks but without changing the source files:


Summary and more features:

  • With the SSH driver you can chain scripts on multiple remote hosts together.
  • You always have indications whether a script did run successful or did abort.
  • You can split large scripts into small manageable pieces, label and describe them.
  • You can easily  experiment and arrange scripts without disturbing or damaging the original scripts.
  • Every script’s output will be displayed in the driver console.
  • All variables and commands are available in the auto-completion.


Please find a SSH Tutorial here.



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