The fight with the fake punks & delinquents , squatting the La-Porkera project

June – 2017

After being physically beaten by Hektor ( for nothing but showing a kiss with the mouth, not as provocation but to ‘break the ice’ after an argue ), I officially left the project and packaged my stuff after hour long argues with the punk squatters/delinquents about :

  • extended & massive drug trafficking and abuse in La-Porkera
  • no respect nor consistency about simple things : 1. clean after use, 2. bringing back used tools, … These things have discussed, agreed but fully ignored in reality.
  • sabotage of long term objectives: eg: ignoring planned events and occupying La-Porkera for less urgent personal events/benefits.
  • no respect and heavy insults of potential investors or partners

A day later I demanded my materials back (those not being installed yet). As response, “Hektor” send me pictures of the materials he destroyed on purpose, for pure provocation:


The damage until this day: 

170 Euro for supplies/materials

150 Euro for a fully destroyed moto bike, bought from Kampru.

240 Euro for a water deposit container

Video Evidence – Hektor’s destruction  : . Confessing himself.

July – 2017 


After repeated trials to get compensation for the destroyed materials & supplies, I’ve been locked out of La-Porkera. Also refusing access to the rest of my tools and materials.

In response to my compensation questions: I also received multiple physical threads from “Frank”, quote “we will come to your house and kick you out, with the support of the half of Moia”. (see whatsapp and Facebook logs for more)

The defamation campaign of Hektor & Frank

In parallel during that time, Frank and Hektor started a defamation campaign against me, claiming that

  • i threatened kids with pistols
  • later on : I shot with a gun and threatened kids
  • I am searched by the police for 30000 Euros

This defamation trials have been exercised in whatsapp groups, Facebook or email, by Hektor and Frank. In one case, all people of the targeted group left after Hektor’s numerous defamation trials.

1st. July – 2017 

I visited another time La-Porkera to ask for my missing materials & tools and the compensation for the destroyed materials. In return “Frank” did hold me against my will, in the more violent and brutal way. He entered my car against my will and wanted to steal my car keys. He was leaning over me inside me car and showed me his fists and threatened to beat me up. Sometimes later later he also told me “We can also kill you and bury you here in the forest,…”. That was another reason to flee the scene at any cost; especially after Hektor & Albert arrived, known for his physical violence. Albert also threatened me with ‘Touch my car and you die”. That makes 2 dead threads in just one hour. Hektor & Frank is also know for their violence and criminal/delinquent activities in Moia. I heard from several parents that they even insist that their children don’t seek contact with these delinquents or visit La Porkera.

However, I received several injuries by Frank and damages at my car.

Total damages car: 340 Euro

Later on, Hektor and Albert arrived. Hektor was jumping on my car (see bump on motor) :

3 new door parts had to be replaced :


Later on, the police arrived and did let me go since there was no crime to report. “Frank” said that he’s allowed to hold me with physical violence. This is only possible, if the person is unknown.

Video – Evidence : 

More damages: I was unable to work for 3.5 days due to the strong and brutal (physical) humiliation at or in my car. I felt like raped and I couldn’t think clear for weeks.

24. July – 2017 – Vandalism

A fully unexpected visit by “Hektor” and “Albert”, leaving even more physical & violent destruction of my place and car :


Damages of this vandalism :

  • repaint – garage: 130 Euros
  • repaint – house walls: 2400 Euros
  • the daily revenue loss of my partner Anne & me : 220 Euro

We reported the incident to the police. ‘Previas – 375/2017’ Seccion – Y

Indirect damages :

  • 600 Euro loss in revenue (Anne and me)
  • 1200 Euro for additional security equipment due to serious & numerous physical threads against my property and family here in Moia.
  • 1100 Euro for additional legal advice

Compensation or conflict resolvement : none

Total direct damages  (vandalism, material theft): 3430  + (ca. 200 Euro in yet not returned materials/tools ) = 3630

Total indirect damages (revenue loss due to times visiting lawyer or police )  : 2520 Euro

Total  : 6350 Euro

(Defamation damages not included)

My -lost – contributions to the Project:

  • 1400 Euro in materials/supplies
  • 200 Euro in cash quotes
  • 6,5 months of full time work

Also: I am not the only one who has been victim by those delinquents. Currently the land-lord of the property is missing a big number in monthly payments…






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