Automation made easy as 1-2-3, it’s like Excel & Word, just for IoT and automation! The steps are like in any other app-builder:

1. First things first, add your devices

acquire, manage and adjust your devices or services

2. Build an interface with visual-designer for your new assets (optional)

The device is exposed now as commands (buttons) and variables (sliders). This is optional since the automation part of Net-Commander can run on its own.

3. Deploy

Deploy as background-service or web-app server. You can currently publish on your automation on Windows/OSX/Linux/Arm-7+.

With the upcoming visual designer you get an url, or a hybrid mobile app.

First things first: Add your devices


A device is basically just a collection of information like IP address, port and so forth.


You can choose as ‘Protocol’: TCP, UDP, Serial, SSH, HTTP, MQTT or special things like “Arduino” (“firmata” over “Johnny-Five”).

After you did set the basics, it’s time to assign a ‘driver’ to a device.device_commons

The ‘driver’ is the actual program, dealing with your device.

Play time !

After you added your device, its time to add some commands:

You can also build the same way responses. In our case we want log a message every time the amplifier’s volume exceeds 60:


As next, build the web-interface by dragging our device commands on widgets:


You can use standard HTML, CSS but also your own preferred editor. All changes will update the IDE accordingly. At this point you can export this whole project to many platforms.

See a screencast for building handy blocks over SSH here.

Built-in tools

We’re never short of tools helping you best as possible with getting the job done fast and with no hassle.


The console enables to send and test your commands but also to see what’s coming back


Expression - Editor

The expression editor shows you complete documentation and examples, it comes with smart auto-completion for all your assets.


File Manager and Editors

Since its all file based, you can edit all with your prefered editor as well, any change will update everything in real-time.